Details: Focus on Ryosan

Case studies

In "Details: Focus on Ryosan," we described our customer response capabilities and technical capabilities as Ryosan's advantages. In this section, we provide you with stories based on real examples to show you what we have achieved by thoroughly understanding our customers and providing them with highly specialized technical support.

Coordination enabled by a high level of technical knowledge

Mr. A, who was in charge of development at an electronics manufacturer, was at a loss.
He had been assigned to work on developing a product in a new field that his company had not entered before.
It was a big undertaking for the company, too, because it involved developing software in a field where the company had no development experience at all.

Then Mr. A remembered Mr. B, a salesperson from Ryosan who dealt with the semiconductors that would be used for the product. Mr. B was a salesperson with a technical background. Mr. A would occasionally receive technical advice from him.

"I know the right company."
Mr. B immediately presented a software development company with a track record of development in the field in question. It was the first contact they would have with this software development company, but Mr. B had highlighted its outstanding development skills. Software development support and coordination were realized thanks to Mr. B's mediation, as he was familiar with the features and distinctive characters of the electronics manufacturer Mr. A worked for.

One of Ryosan's advantages is the fact that its salespeople have a high level of technical knowledge, are familiar with new technologies and products, and are capable of thoroughly understanding customers and providing appropriate mediation based on customers' characteristics.

The thorough understanding of a customer helped overcome the risks of overseas production

Mr. C, who was responsible for development at an electronics manufacturer, had a big problem.
A bet-the-company product development project had entered its final stage, but an electronic component that was a key element of the product had yet to realize the desired performance. Failure to achieve this performance would degrade the performance of the product itself, resulting in a failure to provide the expected outcome.

Then he suddenly remembered Mr. D, a salesperson from Ryosan who had been close to him. A Product-Specific Sales Representative, Mr. D was an expert familiar with electronic components. From among the large number of electronics component manufacturers that dealt with the component in question, Mr. D immediately found a company capable of manufacturing a component that would enable the product to achieve the performance Mr. C desired.

However, the component was a custom-made product that required a lot of fine tuning. Also, it could only be produced at an overseas plant. Unlike transactions in Japan, it was impossible to hold meetings frequently, and Mr. C's company had never dealt with the manufacturer before. Therefore, the deal was considered to be risky.

To eliminate these risks, Mr. D discussed every possible problem and issue with Mr. C in advance and stayed in close contact with the overseas plant. He worked hard to coordinate between Mr. C and the electronics component manufacturer. As a result, Mr. C's company succeeded in releasing a product with the planned performance.

It is also to Ryosan's advantage that we can really understand customer needs, serve as spokesmen for our customers when providing coordination, and respond to the overseas transfer of electronics manufacturers and electronics component manufacturers with our strong network.
  • The technical support we provide with our strong expertise