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Summary of engineering tasks by Engineering Headquarters

Development milestones: software development

Major development milestones

Area Product examples
AV and multiple audio equipment for cars Audio equipment (vehicle-mounted, home-use, portable), TV, set top boxes, car navigation systems, CD-ROM, MD, DVD, USB audio, satellite radio, terrestrial digital tuners, etc.
Vehicle-mounted electrical components Vehicular communications (CAN, LIN, etc.), sensors, keyless entry system, dashboard, power window, electrical mirror, BCM, etc.
Multiple market RF control, measurement gauges, LCD game machines, air conditioners, washing machines and other home appliances, telecommunication equipment, etc.

Major element technologies possessed

-Vehicular telecommunications(CAN、LIN、IEBus、FlexRay) -Voice recognition -IrDA
-Power source management (power conservation control) -Encryption technologies -USB -JPEG -IEEE1394
-RTOS (μITRON, OSEK, etc.) -ADPCM -Memory card -STB
-BLUETOOTH  -CD/DVD servo -SD card -HDMI
-Motor control (with or without brush) -Terrestrial digital -RDS -DAB -IGBT control


  • With numerous in-house SEs highly experienced in the unique features of microcomputers and with outstanding systems know-how, we take responsibility in managing development
  • We are also developed significant knowledge in customers' system know-how, development procedures and systems through many years of experience in development
  • We take part starting from the upstream design processes of customers (component selection, specifications formulation)
  • We plan products and make proposals to suppliers based on the customers' needs we learn through set development

Development milestones: ASIC development

Major development milestones

Compatible product types SoC(~40nm)、G/A、FPGA
Compatible languages C language, VerilogHDL, VHDL, etc.
Compatible CPU areas(SoC) V850, VR5000, ARM7-11, Cortex
Area Digital AV, amusement, office automation, industrial equipment, etc.

Major element technologies possessed

  • Image processing: enlargement and contraction, color processing, video interface, etc.
  • High-speed IO: PCI-Ex, LVDS, USB, HDMI, etc
  • Memory interface: DDR, FIFO, DMAC, etc
  • Compression and expansion: H.264, JPEG, ADPCM, etc
  • And others: ECC, LCDC, SSG/TG, etc


  • Development and technical support organizations that comprehensively respond to customers' demands, from the start of commercial negotiations to the start of volume-production
  • We possess advanced testing technologies to respond to the latest technologies and vehicle-mounting quality design
  • We possess extensive system know-how, including DSC

Technical services

We make proposals on systems and offer support tailored to customers' requirements

  • We make proposals on systems in a form of kits, for totally enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • We cooperate not only with development third parties but also with IP suppliers, to make comprehensive systems proposals.

We have been proactive in joining organizations

We have participated in conferences to obtain the latest information.
Based on the latest information, we have made proposals and provided customer support.

  • JASPAR(Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture)
  • AUTOSAR(Under application)
  • SD Association
  • 4C Entry
  • DivX



Ryosan Engineering Headquarters obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2016, and continues to carry out ongoing improvements to quality management systems.
Based on our quality policy, we have established a system based on the PDCA cycle, covering everything from design and development through to technical support. The system is based on a high level of quality awareness and has a clear emphasis on operational processes. The aim is to increase customer satisfaction and to continually strive to improve our operations

Certification ISO9001:2015 / JIS Q 9001:2015
Certifying Body Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA)
Organization Ryosan Company, Limited Engineering Headquarters
Certificate Number JQA-QMA15404
Scope of Registration
  • ・Design/Development of software for microcomputer, and logic circuit
    for LSI based on customer requirements.
  • ・Sales promotion and Technical Supports for electronics devices
Registration Date 3.June.2016

Engineering Headquarters