Semiconductors (1st Semiconductor Business Headquarters)

Extensive product lineup

We handle numerous products, including MCUs, analog and power devices, compound devices, and system LSIs from Renesas Electronics Corporation, and DRAM and other products from Elpida Memory, Inc.

Ryosan, a name synonymous with technology

In an era of rapid technical innovations, it is imperative for a trading company to be equipped with technology if it is to successfully create added value as an electronics systems coordinator. This is particularly true for companies that are involved from the input stage, which includes customer product planning and design. At this point, there is particularly high demand for powerful technical support capabilities that are capable of addressing a variety of needs.
Ryosan has made aggressive efforts to augment its technical support structure and systems that provide customers with optimal solutions and technical support.

Proposals regarding applications

Our company makes proposals regarding electronics systems coordination.
This is a service that provides electronics to society and customers in optimum forms.
Ryosan regards it as its mission to contribute toward the fusion of humans and technological progress through electronics systems coordination.

Our business