Together with Our Employees

Human Resource Initiatives

Ryosan consistently seeks out human resources distinguished by their dynamic energy and vitality. Ryosan is committed to ensuring a workplace environment that enables employees to maximize their abilities and skills and to realize their full growth potential.

Human Resource System

Ryosan adheres to a basic policy that emphasizes open and equitable opportunities, evaluation and compensation for all employees. The goal of the Company is to ensure an ideal workplace environment that allows all employees to excel irrespective of academic background, age and gender. In addition, Ryosan recruits human resources from all corners of the globe reflecting the growing globalization of business in general.

Human Resource Development

Ryosan engages in a wide range of training activities aimed at supporting employees in their ongoing growth and development. Of particular importance is the Company's RS 21 Value lectures and training. Employees participate in this program once every year to enhance their understanding of the principles and purport of "Ryosan Spirit." In addition, Ryosan promotes further study at Graduate School of International University of Japan as well as foreign language education and training. These initiatives are geared toward fostering employees who are capable of excelling on the world stage.