Ever since Ryosan was established, we have always been highly conscious of the fact that the corporation is a public institution. In addition, we now no longer see ourselves simply as a trading company, but as an electronics systems coordinator, providing a vital link between our customers' needs and electronics technology. We aim to achieve consistent long-term growth by stressing this social consciousness and our new role as a systems coordinator.

Basic Ideals / Corporate Social Responsibilities

Fulfill the expectations of society/Fulfill our responsibility as a member of society/Conscious of our status as a public institution

In principle, a corporation exists to serve society, and continues to exist as long as it fulfills this role. In other words, if society no longer desires that corporation, its existence will become meaningless. Since its inception, Ryosan has strongly believed in this idea that "a corporation is a public institution."

 Basic Philosophy / Corporate Direction

Enhance electronics systems coordination
/Facilitate the harmonious fusion of human and technological progress/Ryosan's mssion

"Systems Coordination" is a fully new concept, in which we provide electronics to the society in the most suitable way.

Ryosan considers it as our role to help harmonizing human and technological progress through the systems coordination for electronics.

Management Philosophy / Ideal Management

Grow as a mission-oriented company
Principle to Corporate Growth as a Mission - oriented Company: Ryosan judges growth by the success made in Mission - realization.
Create corporate value
Principle to Creation of Corporate Value.Ryosan's management repays shareholder value by boosting corporate value.
Enhance the optimal exchange of value
Principle to Increase in the Extent of Value - exchange:Ryosan takes the exchange of value with stakeholders as its raison d'etre. This thinking underlies management's unremitting pursuit of optimal value - exchange.