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Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Cosmos Electric is a manufacturer of variable resistors (potentiometers) and TrimmerPotentiometer. Automotive components such as sensor film heaters and cars (sheet heaters) made by adapting variable resistor technologies have also become a major business, and the company is also a strong supplier of automotive components. Recently, the company has also entered the ZigBee wireless modules business.


【Main Products】
・Potentiometers (Variable Resistors with Shafts)
・Trimmer Potentiometers (Semi-fixed Resistors)
・Non-contact Position Sensors (Electronic Potentiometers)
・Encoding Switches (Wireless Walkie-talkie for Commercial Use)
・In-vehicle Sensors
・PTC Heat-generating Films (TOCOS Heater Pads)
・IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee Wireless Modules


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