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Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

The electronics products of the Sumitomo Group are flourishing in the fields that are at the forefront of electronic equipment including communications equipments, PC equipment, and home video game equipments. The electronics field continues to evolve toward compact, lightweight, high functionality and high performance. To respond to these needs, the company is successively developing pioneering materials, wiring and components to deliver a broad lineup of products. In the future the company will consolidate cutting-edge technologies including FPC, ultra-fine coaxial cables, flat cables, heat-shrinkable tubes, and optical electronics to provide new products.


【Main Products】

・Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)
・Flat Cables(SUMI-CARD)
・Jumper Lead Wire
・Ultra-fine Coaxial Harness(MFCX)
・Thunderbolt Cable
・Combined photoelectric and optical HDMI Cable
・Optical Data Link
・Optical Devices
・Wireless Devices

【Supplier Website】

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