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As part of our electronic equipment business, we provide IT-related products, key components, embedded solutions and production facilities.

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We provide the following products and services in line with our customers’ needs, including advanced technologies, differentiation, cutting costs, development support and quick-turnaround production.

IT-related products

We offer IT solutions that provide our customers with genuine value, including coordinating server and PC-based systems, customizing servers, and embedding PC and FA custom boards within systems.

Embedded solution services

We offer a full range of embedded solutions in line with our customers’ needs, from providing consultancy, design and development support services for both hardware and software, to supplying various types of semiconductors and modules, and manufacturing finished products.

Key Components

We supply custom power supplies, various types of modules and a range of other key components. We offer solutions that simply wouldn’t be possible with general-purpose products.

Facilities Equipment

In its facilities equipment business, Ryosan markets equipment such as sputtering systems provided by CANON ANELVA Corporation and laser processing devices, etching systems, deposition systems, transfer machines and all kinds of vacuum-related equipment by OMRON LASERFRONT INC. mainly to manufacturers of semiconductors, flat-panel displays, electronic components and Li battery capacitors. We also market NFC antennas and noise suppression sheets for use in smartphones, tablets and digital cameras as well as materials such as ultra-thin conductive double-coated adhesive tapes and conductive packing, in addition to the target materials for sputtering. We make every effort to provide high value-added services through proactive proposals of contract processing that enhance our customers’ productivity and steps to augment our hardware, software and material product lineup.

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